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Mandy Hancock Law, PLLC is committed to providing its clients with high-caliber, dynamic representation that is constantly focused on achieving successful results. We have a vast background of impressive achievements and qualifications and a long history of successful outcomes for those we represent.

Mandy Hancock Law delivers assertive, smart, and strategic advocacy and representation. Our practice areas include civil cases and family law – divorce and child custody – as well as criminal defense of drug offenses, driving offenses, and white-collar crime.

Our Practice Areas


Along with the many personal and psychological ramifications of divorce, you are forced to deal with financial stress and the court system – possibly for the very first time. The combination of these elements is a challenge for anyone. While you may think involving an attorney will make things more contentious and troubling, the opposite is usually true. Mandy Hancock Law will be your compassionate counsel during this trying time.

Child Custody

Custody battles have a well-deserved reputation for being difficult and time consuming. The struggle between two parents can quickly become contentious. You may be worried about not being treated fairly and losing the legal right to care for your child. Mandy Hancock Law is regarded as one of Tennessee’s premier Family Law practices and can help you today.

Business Litigation

Business litigation can be complicated and contentious. Mandy Hancock Law represents businesses, executives, professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. Our experience covers a broad range of litigation – from complex commercial matters to breach of contract and noncompete disputes.  We tailor our services to the unique needs of each client, whether a corporation or an individual.

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges wreaks havoc on your life – and the criminal justice system is complicated. Protect yourself and your rights with a passionate and highly skilled defense attorney. If you find yourself in a situation involving criminal accusations, let Mandy Hancock Law fight for you.

Personal Injury

After an accident, the pain and uncertainty can be overwhelming. Speaking with a skilled lawyer may be the first step toward a solution. If you’ve been injured in an accident, let Mandy Hancock Law put our decades of legal experience to work for you.

High-caliber, dynamic representation focused on successful results

Signature Service

Since John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence with his bold autograph – the name Hancock has been synonymous with a signature.

Being charged with an offense can be extremely stressful and impact you in every aspect of your life. We pride ourselves on treating clients with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion. We put a premium on the accessibility of our lawyers and support staff. We are committed to providing you with support every step of the way and will ensure that your phone calls, emails, text messages, and correspondence are responded to in a timely manner.

At Mandy Hancock Law, we call this Signature Service – because we know each case is as unique as a person’s signature. It ensures that every avenue of preparation and analysis is undertaken to protect your rights and obtain the best possible results.

Mandy Hancock Law promises professional excellence, integrity, unparalleled client services, and expert legal advice. Most of all, you get the time and attention you deserve from a firm that genuinely cares about you and your case.

“I can assure you that if I ever have to go into court again, Mandy Hancock will be by my side. She is smart and well-prepared – and she takes the time to truly understand your situation and your case.”

– Randy J., Knoxville, TN

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